AdBlue® tank bulk 24.000 liters


High quality product, VDA Germany certified

– customized offers depending on quantities
– extremely advantageous for the companies with high AdBlue consumption
– the lowest acquisition price/ liter
– it can be ordered any quantity up to 24.000 liters

– it is issued a bill for the exact delivered quantity
– we are offering the best price
– we are offering the best rapport price/ quality
– the drain time is reduced
– the possibility to drain in IBC containers or reservoir
– this product is included in periodic promotions and it becomes a cheap AdBlue
– delivery in all the country based on firm order


Dinamic Efficiency

AdBlue® is a key product for all vehicles using SCR technology

Quality and Efficiency

AdBlue® reduces fuel consumption by up to 5%. This process takes place in two stages: elimination of particles and reduction of nitrogen oxides

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