Why is important the quality of AdBlue®

– What it means “quality of AdBlue®”? Is only water with urea.
– This is a frequent misunderstanding!
– What do you mean? What can happen?
– Mainly the following: AdBlue®” is an extremely pure liquid which can be easily contaminated. This contamination can get into the SCR catalytic( Selective Catalytic Reduction) and after a while this will create a breakdown.
-But I also used before an ‘’out of specification’’ solution and nothing happened.
-This is possible and you are lucky, I guess. Immagine this: the catalytic system contains very thin channels inside and these channels will breakdown due to contamination.
– What happens if these channels will breakdown?
– If only some of these channels will be blocked, the effects are minimum, but if more of those will block, your engine will not function properly anymore and it will not be able to evacuate the nozzles. Imagine what will be the effect if all of these channels will block.
If you’re lucky enough, you will only have to replace the SCR catalyst system which cost several thousand Euros.
In the worst case scenario, your engine will experiment an aggressive pressure and you will have to do some other repairs. Another problem with these repairs is about the time when the machineries which you repair doesn’t function. You vehicle or your machinery will not function.
– I didn’t knew that. It’s good to know! What can cause this contamination and how can I prevent it?
– For the beginning, using only AdBlue® from a licensed/ sublicensed supplier, which is produced exactly according to the procedure and the specifications of ISO 22241 quality standard, which was fully tested. Be aware of the fact that there are more types of urea:

Urea fertilizer type( which meets 3 quality parameters according to the ISO 22241 quality standard)
Urea fodder type( which meets 5 quality parameters according to the ISO 22241 standard)
Tehnical urea( which meets 8 quality parameters according to the ISO 22241 standard)
and AUTO UREA WHICH MEETS 17 QUALITY PARAMETERS according to the ISO 22241 standard.
ONLY AUTO UREA is the enough pure to produce AdBlue®.

In addition to the product in self, the contamination can happen when it’s used inadequate dosage and storage equipment.
AdBlue® is not dangerous if you get dirty on your hands, but a lot of materials will rust or will be dissolved in AdBlue®, leaving particles into your catalyst which will cause a damage. Make sure you use only compliant materials when it comes to AdBlue® dosage and storage.
– I understand, so it is about much more than only the product.
It’s good to know.
I am glad in this case that I use AdBlue® ordered from the www.adblue.business site!
I will surely not have any of these problems!


Dinamic Efficiency

AdBlue® is a key product for all vehicles using SCR technology

Quality and Efficiency

AdBlue® reduces fuel consumption by up to 5%. This process takes place in two stages: elimination of particles and reduction of nitrogen oxides

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