The‘’eco’’ vehicles sales tripled in Romania:


Toyota Hybrid, the ‘’green’’ vehicles grow engine

During the first 6 months of 2017, the ‘’eco’’ vehicle niche tripled in Romania. The result is brought mostly from selling the hybrid cars Toyota and Lexus, which were 863 units sold and 88% market share.

The eco cars market ( hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric) grew during the first 6 months of the year 2017 up to 977 units, from around 310 units last year, according to APIA annual report, result which proves the clients growing preference for alternatives propulsions.
From the eco cars total market, Toyota Hybrid, the number 1 on the category has delivered 791 units, while Lexus Hybrid 72 units, together representing 88% from all the sales.
Regarding the model performance, Yaris Hybrid was the best sold model with 252 units, followed by Auris Hybrid with 201 units. The hybrid version of the legendary RAV4 is the 3rd place on the ranking with 178 units, while the newest model from the brand portfolio, Toyota C-HR occupies the fourth place, with already 158 units sold.
During the same period of time, the best sold hybrid model from Lexus is Lexus RX, with 46 units, followed by Lexus NX with 22 units.
The Toyota hybrid system combines two power sources in order to insure the propulsion. Combining a thermal engine( on benzine ) with an electric engine, the advantages of both energy sources are fully exploited: power, on one hand, high efficiency on exploitation, on the other hand.
Toyota is the world’s hybrid cars sales leader, with more than 10 millions units already sold. The first serial car with propulsion hybrid system realized by the company is Toyota Prius in 1998.



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