Amazing technology: highways which charges the electric cars batteries!

The electric cars drivers will no more have to stop to charge the batteries.

The cars will get charged while going on special designed highways. The project developed by Highways England wants to apply sooner this invention. For this, the electric cars will be equipped with a wireless technology and will run on special build highways, with underneath buried electromagnetic camp, from where they will basically procure the necessary energy. This will solve an electric cars worldwide problem: frequently stop to recharge the battery.

This has the advantage of reducing time and growing the distances that the electric cars can cover’’ said Nic Brunetti, the Highways England PR.

„Combining the technology types could contribute to creating a global ecosystem for the electric cars.”
This is not the first time when such a technology is used: in 2013, the South-Corean city Gumi realized a 12 km road which allowed to special buses to be recharged trough a similar technology.

„Technologies related to cars go further in an even faster rhythm’’ declared Mike Wilson, Chief-Engineer at Highways England. „The practical studies related to wireless technologies(necessary in developing this highways meant to recharge the cars batteries) are more and more powerful and will help creating a network of more resistant roads, opening new opportunities for the companies that transport goods or for the private cars’’.



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