AdBlue® system


What happens if you use a water urea solution instead of a certified AdBlue®?

Using a poor quality substitute damage the SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) system and leads to a decreased engine torque, decreased speed and a possible engine stop.

The high service costs can be easily avoided only by using a high quality AdBlue® produced under VDA license or sublicense.

Verband Der Automobilindustrie – The German Auto Industry Association is very strict on respecting the quality parameters as they are defined by the international Standard ISO 22241-1.
The licenses are granted after the thorough evaluation of all producing, testing, depositing and handling procedures.


Dinamic Efficiency

AdBlue® is a key product for all vehicles using SCR technology

Quality and Efficiency

AdBlue® reduces fuel consumption by up to 5%. This process takes place in two stages: elimination of particles and reduction of nitrogen oxides

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